Compliance Issues

Client Confidentiality - Compliance Issues

AMP strives to ensure client confidentiality. We do not sell or share our customers' names, and we do not computerize transactions. Not putting transactions on a computer protects our clients from record theft.

In order to comply with national /international law, money laundering and terrorist financing, the following procedures, client intake and Know Your Customer procedures are being followed as described in order to verify the identity of the customer and the origin of the products presented for purchase.

Special ID Requirements for Bullion Sales and Purchases

We are legally obliged to obtain and retain identification records for every purchaser.

Government issued ID  - Passport, Driving License or utility bill (any 2 of these)- including signature specimen.

A company/entity/trust may purchase. Please contact us. Prior to placing an order, you must send us by email: Copy of ID card or passport, ( indicating signature)  and a copy of proof of address.

Note that you can credit your account with initial deposit before sending us the documents, but you cannot complete the order before your account is confirmed.



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