Gold Ownership Certificates

Finally, Gold Ownership Certificates might be your answer if you are just not sure how to choose in between the options. Gold certificates are basically rights for owning a certain amount of gold. Many of our clients prefer this option tied to flexible-sized bars, to avoid dealing with actual storage of physical gold bullion. Gold certificates are liquid and can be redeemed easily, worldwide (soon to be traded online). A Gold Certificate is issued in direct proportion to gold deposited in a vault, offer a right of redemption, allowing them to be surrendered in return for the gold backing them.  A vault is used to store the gold backing the Certificates, and this is statistically much safer than any form of private home storage.

Most investors opt to own their bullion in certificate form as there are no insurance or storage fees and there is the flexibility of being able to transfer them if necessary, cost free. The Gold backing the certificates is audited and accounted for and it is thus considered a safe way to own bullion. Bullion in a format of your choosing (coins or bars) can be shipped internationally once it has been converted, and the certificate surrendered.

AMP Gold Certificate 1 gram

AMP Gold Cerificate 1 gr

AMP Gold Certificate 10 grams

AMP Gold Cerificate 10 gr

AMP Gold Certificate 100 grams

AMP Gold Cerificate 100 gr

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